Why a fifth wheel vs a Class A Camper?

Class A campers are very nice. They are certainly easier to drive and park than a truck with a long trailer. The challenge for us was that we wanted to take our motorcycles on the road with us. When two large Harley's were brought into the mix, the options dropped quickly. The first key criteria was weight. No matter what type of rig we purchased, we had to have a diesel engine. Adding a Diesel vehicle further reduced our options and took out the most common Class A Toy Hauler the Thor. Thor RV's are popular, but they are gasoline only. They do not have the room or the payload to carry two Harley's in the back.

A second consideration for us was maintenance. A vehicle with more moving parts is going to require more maintenance. When I need an oil change in my Dully, I can take it to a dealer or quick oil change shop. I don't need to find a special facility that can accept a large vehicle. If my truck breaks down we can get our fifth wheel camper towed somewhere where we can wait out repairs in the comfort of our home on the road. Living at a truck repair shop isn't an option in most cases. That means that every time a Class A coach is in the shop the people need to find somewhere else to live.

The third reason is space. The 397TH is larger than our first apartment. It has two full bathrooms with showers, 4 televisions, and the garage can be turned into a guest suite or an office at a push of a button. A fifth wheel camper has more room than anything else.

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