It is the ultimate goal of Passion Highway to be fair to our viewers, readers and manufactures. We will always be honest and objective when reviewing any product. We have created the following policy to ensure we keep the trust of our viewers and readers at all times and to ensure we remain objective for every review.

  1. We will not review any product unless it is a good fit for our channel / blog.
  2. The receipt of a product in no way guarantees a positive review. We have and always will maintain a strict policy of objectivity, which includes identifying any flaws or weaknesses as well as strengths of every product reviewed.
  3. Review of a product does not exclude future reviews of similar products from other companies.
  4. If flaws or weaknesses are found with a product, we will provide feedback to the product provider before the video is created in an attempt to correct any problems or misuse by us.
  5. If the product provider is unable to correct the flaws or weaknesses, the product provider will be allowed to opt out of the video or article review.
  6. We will not return any product unless agreed upon (in writing / email) before receipt of the product. This includes products that are not reviewed by us in a video or article.
  7. Any sponsored videos or articles published by us will be marked as such in the beginning of the video or article and in a written description of the video.
  8. Upon agreement of a review by us, we will provide an estimated time of release (within a one month window) of the video or article. To be able to give a fair review of a product, we sometimes need to test the product for several months.
  9. We will continue to use and review the product over the lifetime of the product. The product may appear in future videos and articles as a follow up review. This ensures our viewers and readers are getting a true review of all products and not just an initial review.

Passion Highway appreciates the opportunity to work with manufacturers and companies in an effort to inform our audience honestly and objectively about the amazing products that are available to them. We look forward to providing a review and building relationships with these companies and manufacturers.