Keystone and others make comparable Toy Haulers. Why did you pick Grand Design?

We are people that extensively research everything we do. I personally spent 2 years researching every Toy Hauler camper I could find. My research looked at everything including Class A's. At the end of the day, there were some key criteria that made Grand Design the best choice for us.

The first and foremost consideration is Grand Design's reputation. What speaks volumes to me is that there are thousands of people who have a Grand Design and that buy another Grand Design when they upgrade. People who are not happy with their camper or the service they received from the manufacturer are not likely going to buy another coach from the same company. There are hundreds of RV manufacturers. There are options, yet people keep coming back to GDRV. That speaks volumes to me.

The second criteria that somewhat ties to the first is the build quality. I go to every RV show I can get to. It is very noticeable when I walk into a GDRV vs most of their competitors. The fit and finish is excellent. Their coaches are designed to be lived in full-time. GDRV also has their factory segmented by line. Momentum are built in the same area by the same people. Many RV manufacturers build every coach they sell on the same assembly line. I believe this is why their quality isn't as good. GDRV staff has a lot more experience building the same model day in and day out than others I have seen.

The third and maybe the most important is how GDRV handles warranty repairs. Most manufacturers require that all maintenance is done at a dealership. RV's are not cars. It can easily take a week or more to get something repaired at a dealership. If your camper is your home that isn't a realistic option. Most dealers will not allow boondocking on their property. GDRV routinely sends parts to customers under warranty. Simple items like fixing lights or switches are easily performed by most. Accordingly, GDRV has a large network of remote RV Techs that can come to your campsite. They charge a visit fee, but they can do all warranty repair at your location. This is a huge deal for people who live full time in their campers.

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