WiFi Ranger Aspen Indoor Router Detailed Review

When we were in the market for a WiFi Router with an internal CAT-6 LTE Modem for our coach, we struggled to find detailed information about the various options. One of the first items we bought was the WiFi Ranger Aspen Router. Unfortunately the WiFi Ranger website has very limited information about the Aspen Router.

Although we prefer to buy products that have been used by others and reviewed, WFR has been in business since 2010 and they state that they have over 135,000 devices in the field. Since WIFI Ranger is owned by RV'ers and has a good reputation we figured we would give the WiFi Ranger Aspen Indoor Router a try.

The Aspen is the only indoor router they sell that supports Gigabyte Ethernet speeds. We looked at the Poplar and Spruce Routers, but they did not have the specs we needed for full-time heavy internet use out of our Coach.

Our plan has been for over a year to purchase and install the WiFi Ranger Converge Everest Outdoor Router on the roof of our coach, but thus far they are months behind their forecasted deliver time and they will not provide a timeline for delivery. We needed a solution we could work with now while we waited for the Everest. We were hoping the Aspen router with the Cat-6 LTE Card would make do. We are glad we waited. We unearthed some issues with this router that caused us to scrap the Wifi Ranger plans completely and go with a Pepwave CAT-12 WiFI Router instead.

The video review starts out discussing the indoor router options sold by WiFi Ranger and then we dig in deep. We disassemble the router to see what is inside and we explore the full configuration settings of the device. For those that may have other WiFi Ranger gear, the configuration settings in this video may be of interest to you. Their User Interface is very similar from device to device. Most of what we cover in the configuration review is the same across their product line.

Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a entrepreneur that has founded several businesses including Orbitz, Team Convergence, Assure Flight, and Passion Highway. He is an airplane pilot, PADI SCUBA Dive Master and adventure traveler. Along with his wife Lisa, they travel North America in their 2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH Toy Hauler with their cat Dexter. To find out more about Jim, visit JamesNKerr.com

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