We believe in paying it forward. Through our journey of putting together our mobile home we have encountered some amazing resources that without them we would not be where we are today. This is the list of sites that have really helped us. We highly recommend every business on this list.

Practically everyone uses Amazon now days. We couldn't survive without them! Prime 2 day shipping is amazing. We can have stuff sent us no matter where we are. We use Amazon so much that joined their Affiliate Program. We even have our own Amazon Store! Every item in the Amazon Passion Highway store has been personally tested and verified by us. In fact, you will likely see many of these items in our videos and on the blog.


GRIDJunction is our online store, but we consider it a partner because we most products are not fulfilled by our team. We curate the store so everything is in one spot to make it easier to find. What makes GRIDJunction different is we send you over to the store that has the best price or availability of the item. We are not trying to sell products. We want our customers to find the best products. We think this is the best of all worlds. We make the products you need easy to find and purchase through Amazon or an Affiliates. In some cases, our products will be less than buying direct, but they will never be more.

Harvest Hosts is a membership network of wineries, breweries, farms, airports and all kinds of locations that let self-contained RV'ers stay overnight for free! They charge a nominal membership fee, but it is worth it. One night stay will easily pay for an annual membership. We see RV'ers on YouTube and other forums talking about Harvest Hosts all of the time. They are a perfect resources to help us find a quick overnight stay while we are repositioning or are too tired to drive.

Literally the very first upgrade we did to our Grand Design Momentum 397TH was to replace the entry door locks with the awesome RVLock‘s!  RV keys are small and easy to lose. What do you do if that happens? Locksmiths take time to arrive and are expensive. How would you get someone into your camper in an emergency if you are not there? RVLock solves these problems and improves the overall security of the coach. Their locks are significantly stronger than OEM and they look awesome. We consider the RVLock a must have item for all RV's.

We love Mattress Insider! We first found them when we had our last coach. The master bed in our old coach had a standard house queen mattress that was comfortable, but the Happijac bed was garbage. We installed the 5.5″ thick mattress on our old coach and it was awesome. Later we learned more about all of the customizations they can do. On our 397TH we had them build two customized mattresses for us. We changed foam layers, we put a 3″ radius corners on the master RV King, we built the beds to the exact dimensions, etc. Mattress Insiders lets you have complete control over everything. No one else we found does this. They also make custom sheet sets that fit perfectly. We highly recommend them.

SnapPads are awesome! The snap right onto the leveling jacks and stay on! Most people use blocks or those red trashcan looking devices that are a major hassle. Every time you have to level all 6 jacks need to be set up manually. This is a major pain when using hydraulic jacks that come down in random orders. SnapPad solves that completely. They sell hard rubber pads that are made from recycled tires. They are awesome!

We all live and die by the internet now days. We happened to run across the Mobile Internet Resource Center and were blown away by the vast amount of content they have. We have been looking for a reliable source of internet since we started looking at RV's. We found a great solution for us on their site. They have great free resources as well as a paid membership that grants access to locked content and discussion boards.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. In English what that means is the vendor will pay out a small commission if you choose to buy something. The commission paid is classified as an advertising expense by the vendor. The product price is either the same and sometimes even less than what you can get by going to the site directly. It is definitely worth trying our our links. They make a big difference.