How does the TSD Discount Fuel Program Work?

The genius behind the TSD Logistics program is they are actually operating a Diesel resell business. TSD routes the fuel purchases from RVers and independent truckers through their account and they pay the vendors directly. When Pilot, Loves or any other fuel retailer sees the transaction they attribute it to the TSD Logistics volume. Truck Stations have no idea who we RVers are. They have no relationship with us whatsoever. The entire transaction is conducted a the pump using an EFS Fleet Payment Card.

EFS processes the payments for TSD. They pay the fuel retailer directly out of the TSD bank accounts. EFS also processes the withdrawal of funds from the RVer's bank account. TSD collects a “Processing Fee” of 10% of the savings for these transactions that are likely a passthrough expense that helps them cover EFS processing fees. Their website explains this as, “if the retail cost is $3.00 per gallon and our cost is $2.50 per gallon, your fee will be 5 cents per gallon.”

A Real World Transaction

EFS App Transaction Details
TSD Bank Transaction

The above images are from the same transaction. The EFS App (top) shows the actual charge to the TSD Logistics bank account – $43.93 and ultimately what was paid to the PILOT Truck Stop. The second image (bottom) is a copy of the transaction in our checking account. TSD debited $44.63 from our account that included their $0.70 “Processing Fee.” According to the app, the actual savings to us was $6.26 ($6.96-$0.70). This was a net savings per gallon to us of $0.376/gallon.

Actual Pump Price for Diesel

We use an app called Fuelly to track every gallon we use in all of our vehicles. The actual pump price for our 1/20/20 transaction was $3.119/gallon. Not counting the processing fee, TSD was charged $2.640/gallon as seen in the EFS App image above. The actual savings per gallon was $0.479 ($7.969), not $6.26 as listed in the app. We can only assume that the $3.119 per gallon rate was the credit, not cash rate. The TSD Logistic transaction is a debit transaction that does not have credit card processing fees linked to it. Simply using the EFS card without any discounts appears to save money as well.


The TSD Logistics Fuel Program is a great program that offers real-world saving at Truck Stops across the US and Canada. It is hard to say if the program is going to be around forever, but it is here now and working well. We highly recommend that everyone driving a Diesel-powered vehicle should sign up ASAP and save while you can.

Here's the link to the TSD Fuel Savings Program. We would appreciate it if you would list us as a referral. TSD will credit us $25 after you buy 100 gallons of fuel. The referral helps us keep the lights on and writing these articles.

TSD Logistics Fuel Program Application

Please use the code “RVJK1028” in the “Referred by” box. This is how they will credit us for you joining the program. We sincerely appreciate your help.

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