Can the 2021 FORD Bronco be Flat Towed Behind a Camper?

I was excited to hear about FORD re-releasing the Bronco. The Bronco is sleek, infinitely customizable and it looks like a ton of fun to drive. I have been researching the Bronco since the day it was announced. Here's what I discovered about towing one behind an RV.

Can the 2021 FORD Bronco be Flat Towed Behind a Camper? The 2021 FORD Bronco can be flat towed.  The procedure is similar to flat-towing a Jeep Wrangler.  Broncos with automatic transmissions will need to be in PARK and the transfer case in NEUTRAL.  Manual transmission Broncos will need to be in THIRD GEAR and the transfer case in NEUTRAL. 

By all appearances the Bronco is going to be a very capable vehicle. It will be especially useful for those of us who want to get off of the beaten path.

2021 Bronco Standard Transmission
2021 Bronco Standard Transmission

Why would someone want to Flat Tow a Bronco? 

Motorhome owners have limited mobility when traveling.  It is not practical to break camp every time they need to drive into town.  The solution for the RV’ing community has been to tow a daily driver vehicle.  

The vehicle being towed is often referred to as a dinghy.  Most current generation vehicles are not designed to be flat towed.  They must lift the drivetrain tires off the ground in order to keep the tires from turning the transmission.  This is why many of us that want to take vehicles along with us are excited about the Bronco.

What Will be Needed to Tow a 2021 FORD Bronco?

The FORD Bronco can be flat towed exactly like the Jeep Wrangler.

The picture above is of a Jeep being pulled behind a Class A Motorhome. All 4-wheels are on the ground. The flat towing of a Jeep has significantly pushed sales of Wranglers, which is why we see so many of them being pulled by RV owners.

The process of connecting the Bronco is exactly the same as Jeep. There is a connecting harness that attaches to the D-Ring tow hooks on the bumper. Those tow-points are mounted directly to the frame. The mount has an extension on the front that connects to a standard trailer hitch ball that is on the Motorhome.

Jeep Tow Bar
Bronco or Jeep Flat Tow Bar Attached to D-Ring Tow Points

As the picture shows above, a Bronco or Jeep flat tow bar is easy to install, which is why they are a perfect solution for those that want to tow a vehicle. Most modern cars have plastic bumpers and require complex bolt-on devices or something to lift their drive wheels off of the ground.

Roadmaster makes a high-quality tow bar that will fit the FORD Bronco that is rated to pull up to 6,000 LBS. Most Bronco configurations will weigh in over 5,000 LBS. They will require a heavier tow bar than a typical Jeep. The Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Tow Bar will work perfectly with the 2021 FORD Bronco. It is easy to install and adjustable so it will work with trailer receivers of different heights. It is also designed to be used without a hitch ball. The Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 slides directly into a standard 2×2 receiver.

Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar for Flat or Dinghy Towing – Works with 2021 FORD Bronco.

In addition to a tow bar, to legally tow a vehicle with all of its wheels on the ground one would also need a Brake Controller. The Brake Controller senses the RV and will apply appropriate brake pressure when the RV is stopping. The Blue Ox Patriot II is an excellent controller because it applies sufficient pressure to stop a vehicle with power-assist brakes without the vehicle running.

Blue Ox Patriot II Brake Controller – works with 2021 FORD Bronco.

A nice thing about the Blue Ox Patriot II Brake Controller is it is almost completely wireless. It is very easy to put in and take out of a vehicle. It is also easy to switch from one tow vehicle to another. I believe it is the best choice for most RVers who need a brake controller for their Dinghy.

The final piece of gear required to tow a 2021 FORD Bronco is a lightning controller that connects the Bronco lights to the 7-Way trailer connection on the RV. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a tow bar wiring kit. The kit will come with the connectors that plug into the existing Bronco lighting system and enable them to be powered from the RV. We will post a link as soon as one is certified for the Bronco.

How Much does the Bronco Weigh?

The 2021 FORD Bronco weight varies based on the engine and vehicle configuration.

2021 FORD Bronco2-Door4-Door
2.3L EcoBoost Engine (Manual)4319-4339 LBS4499-4509 LBS
2.3L EcoBoost Engine (Automatic)4957-4977 LBS4997-5226 LBS
2.7L EcoBoost Engine (Automatic)4491-5129 LBS4661-5320 LBS
2021 FORD Bronco Estimated Base Curb Weights

The Bronco has more accessories and a heavier frame than the Jeep Rubicon. For most configurations, the Bronco will need a heavier tow bar than its Jeep Cousin.

2021 Jeep Rubicon2-Door4-Door
3.6L Pentastar V64160 LBS4449 LBS
2021 Jeep Rubicon Estimated Base Curb Weights

What is the Towing Capacity of the 2021 FORD Bronco? 

The 2021 FORD Bronco is rated to tow up to 3,500 LBS with the optional Trailer Tow Package.  The Bronco Trailer Tow Package will include a Class II Trailer Hitch Receiver, a trailer light wiring harness and Trailer Sway Control.  The Bronco has a respectable towing capacity that is exactly the same as the Jeep Wrangler and 1500 LBS lower than Toyota 4Runner 5,000 LBS towing capacity.  

A Bronco combined with a Teardrop Camper would be an excellent combination for those who want to get off of the beaten path and overland camp.  

What is the Procedure to Safely Flat Tow a 2021 FORD Bronco?

The Bronco Was designed to be flat towed. The setup sequence is similar to the Jeep Wrangler.

  1. Connect the Bronco to the Tow Bar by attaching to the D-Ring connection points
  2. Connect the Tow Bar to the Receiver Hitch of the RV
  3. Connect the breakaway chains between the Bronco and the RV
  4. Connect the breakaway Brake wire from the Bronco to a solid point on the RV
  5. Connect the light harness from the Bronco to the RV's 7-Way trailer wiring connector
  6. Start the Ford Bronco and let the engine idle around 1000 RPM
  7. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Bronco's should be in PARK
  8. Switch the 4×4 Transfer Switch to NEUTRAL.
  9. Wait until the light indicates that the transfer case is locked in NEUTRAL.
  10. Shut off the Engine
  11. Turn key to first detent without turning to the accessory position. This will unlock the steering wheel so it can turn while being towed
  12. MANUAL TRANSMISSION Bronco's should be shifted into 3rd gear. Do this by pressing in the clutch and shifting the gearshift to 3rd gear. Note this step is performed with the ENGINE OFF!
  13. Install the Blue Ox Patriot II or other Brake Controller between drivers seat and the brake pedal.
  14. Connect the Blue Ox Patriot II to the cigarette lighter or other always on 12VDC power source
  15. Test the Brake controller by pulling the breakaway wire. The brakes should apply fully. If so, reattach the breakaway wire. Do not tow the Bronco without a working Brake controller!
  16. Turn on the RV lights and walk around the Bronco. Verify that the running lights, turn signals and brake lights are functioning properly.
  17. The Bronco is now ready to be towed.

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